Week 1 & 2 highlights:

Hey Mums and Dads - see the links for mums and dads page, I've uploaded some of the materials from the parent sessions for you.

Week 3 - this week was about the letter 'Pp', we made popcorn and when it popped you can hear the 'p' sound. We even had a popcorn song. We had to find the pictures of things that started with p and glue them onto our Pp sheet - then we decorated the letter p with... popcorn! (This was the popcorn that we didn't eat - and we ate so much we nearly didn't have enough for our Pp sheet! We practised clapping the syllables or pattern of our names (and some other things). We had to break our names into the parts eg Ak-shay or A-lay-na. Check out the photos of all the fun we had this week

Week 6

We watched and sang along with some songs - here is a link to a great youtube channel