Check out what we did in Week 1:

In Week 2 Mrs Cowan forgot to bring her camera (oopps!)
This week we welcomed some more children to our class. Our focus was on the sound 'l' and the letter Ll. We read a story about a very lazy ladybird who didn't want to fly, all she wanted to do was sleep, but it was hard to find a quiet place to sleep.
We made ladybirds - we had to count out the spots and legs. Mrs Cowan showed us the word 'look', it was in our poem for this week!
We were all very good at recognising and clapping the patterns in our names eg 'Har-ri-son', 'Ak-shay', 'Zaa-ra'. We also listened to the different sounds of instruments and had to match them. We had a wonderful time moving to and singing some action songs.

Week 3:
Link to the animation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Making_caterpillars.jpg bean_bags.jpg
Week 4
Rainbow Fish.. friends... Ff...

Week 5
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Read your poems along with Mrs Cowan: