Week 6 - 1 September 2010

We are really getting the hang of this school thing! Mrs Cowan was really impressed with the way we came into our classroom, sat on the mat, listened and shared our ideas! We are AWESOME!!

We read the story 'Don't put your finger in the jelly Nelly', it's got lots of rhyming words which we talked about - we made a list of words that rhyme with cat (mat, bat, hat, sat...)

We talked about the letter Jj and it's 'j' sound and then we made JELLY!!

We helped put the jelly powder into the water and we all had a turn to stir it. The jelly went into the fridge (we told Miss Patching she wasn't allowed to eat it!) and then we did some more learning. We wrote a story together about making jelly.

Mrs Cowan put us into groups and we did different activities - just like the children who go to school do! One group read a book 'Let's go' with Mrs Cowan, while another group cut out and ordered numbers by themselves and the other group played the listening game and then we swapped so eventually we got to do all the activities. Mrs Cowan put pictures on the board to help us remember what our next activity was. Those children who finished early used the playdough and playdough mats to practice counting.

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We were so well behaved that Mrs Cowan took us to the playground for 5 minutes.

Our poem was 'We are looking' - Dylan P noticed that it has rhyming words too! We found the word 'we' in our poem.

The game we took home today was an alphabet snake game - it's going to take our mums and dads a long time to cut out!! (Sorry mums and dads!)

See you next week!