Week 4 - Popcorn!!

We started off by talking about things we have to remember at school. We sit quietly on the mat and listen carefully. We take turns at talking and we put our hands up so the teacher knows we have something to say.

Today was all about the letter Pp, the sound 'p' and making POPCORN! We were super busy!
We made popcorn, we ate popcorn, we pretended we were popcorn. We learnt a song about popcorn, found all the 'p's and decorated the song with... you guessed it... popcorn!

In maths time we practised our counting by reading the numbers and gluing on the right number of things (sticks, balls, stickers etc).

Our poem this week was 'Look at me'. We learnt the word 'look' and we are getting good at pointing to each word as we read.