Week 3 - 11 August 2010

Today we welcomed new children to our Right Start class - we're glad you could join us!

It was all about bubbles and the letter Bb today. We read a book about bubbles - all the children were great at joining in with the reading. We thought of words that started with Bb and the sound 'b' - we know heaps!

We blew bubbles outside, Mrs Cowan was really impressed with the way we shared the bubble mixture. Taking turns is really important!


We talked about the bubbles, wrote about the bubbles and drew pictures of the bubbles.

We played the listening game with a partner - the children who knew how to play helped the new children.

Everyone really enjoyed having a play in the awhina space - the cars and the kitchen were a hit!

To help us with our counting and number recognition we used the hundreds board (it has all the numbers up to 100 and each number turns) to count forward and backwards. Mrs Cowan called out numbers and we found them on the hundreds board.

Our poem this week was 'The bees are here' - we remembered to point to each word as we read it and we all found the words 'the' and 'here' in our poem and put circles around the words. We are going to practice reading our poems at home (we can colour the pictures too).