Week 2

This week we learnt about the letter 'Ll' and the sound 'l'. Mrs Cowan read us the book 'The Very Lazy Ladybird', a story about a ladybird who was so lazy she never learnt to fly, we made predictions about what would happen in the story and
had fun pretending to be all the different animals in the story.

We practised writing the letter l on whiteboards, it is important to start at the top when writing a l.
We coloured ladybugs and glued spots and legs onto the ladybird. We counted the spots and legs. We told Mrs Cowan a story about our ladybug and she wrote it for us.

We practised counting in different ways, some of us gave the crocodiles teeth, other people counted on the 100s board, others counted teddy bears.

We had lots of fun using the musical instruments and joined in singing and dancing.

We got another new poem this week when we read it we pointed to each word. We found the word 'is' and 'my' in the poem.