Week_1_collage.jpgWeek 1IMG_1922.JPG
Welcome to Divjot, Lily, Dylan, Dylan, Austin, Lee and Yash!

We read a book called 'Dog', we talked about the letter 'd' and the sound 'd', we knew lots of words that start with 'd' - some of us even have names that start with D! We made dog stick puppets, we had to colour and cut and tape a stick on.

We spent some time exploring Kiwi Awhina - this is where we will be when we turn 5. Dylan and Dylan enjoyed constructing with the mobilo,
Austin and Yash found some cars to play with on the mat, while Lee, Divjot and Lily
had fun in the kitchen.
Then we learnt a listening game - Mrs Cowan was really impressed with the way we listened and recognised the sounds (like waves, laughing, dogs barking). Listening and recognising everyday sounds will help us when we need to listen to and recognise sounds in words. We used goldfish and fish bowls to show Mrs Cowan how we could count - we did REALLY well! IMG_1938.JPGIMG_1940.JPG